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Perks of Becoming a Real Estate Agent: A Flexible, Creative, Purposeful Career You’ll Love

Ask any real estate agent, and they will tell you there’s a special feeling that comes from helping others realize their dreams. It’s also no secret that being in the real estate business affords unlimited opportunities for creativity, with a sense of flexibility that attracts new people to the industry every year.

Read on for some of the most important reasons you’ll love making a career change to real estate.

You Can Bring Your Full Creativity to the Role

Market Yourself

One of the most significant aspects of being a realtor is marketing yourself. Generating lots of leads on a regular basis means you’ll have more clients to work with. But to make that happen, constant ingenuity and lots of creativity is needed.

Use Your Social Media Skills

All the time you’ve spent on Facebook and Instagram can be put to use in a real estate career, making online marketing an appealing option. Using your social media savvy to get your name and business out there will put you ahead of the game compared to other agents who never bought into the online experience.

Make Time for Self-Education

A terrific element of being in real estate is the opportunity you’ll have to keep learning and growing as your career continues. If you go a little stir-crazy being cooped up in an office, doing the same thing every day, then you’ll appreciate the variety of reality.

You can expect to learn new things consistently, staying up-to-date with new trends, market shifts, and different clients all the time. Read the latest book, check out the new video blog on sales or marketing, or revisit an older source of information for new inspiration. Recreate yourself and your business year after year. Constant self-education is all part of the joy of being a realtor.

Meet New People

Another way you’ll be able to use your creativity is by coming up with ways to meet new people, face to face. Networking is a huge aspect of being a successful realtor. When you use the creative art and science of connecting with people and building relationships, you’re expanding your all-important sphere of influence. As you get to know new people, your reach grows, and so does your business.

You’ll Love the Flexibility

Be Your Own Boss

As a realtor, you’re likely to be an independent contractor—that is, you’ll be your own boss. That means you’ll set your own priorities in business. You decide when to work from home, who will and will not be your clients, and more. You also determine your own goals, and reap the rewards of the efforts you choose to focus on. Yes, it will be hard work, but your life as a realtor will be lived on your own terms, with freedom.

Set Your Own Schedule

One of the best aspects of working in real estate is how it gives you more control over your time. You choose to work when you want and the number of hours you want to work. You can change that schedule anytime you like. Whether you want to take your family on a week-long vacation or you want to work 16-hour days, the choice is up to you. Your success is up to you as well, and your schedule can fit what is important to you to achieve that success.

Decide Your Income

Being a realtor is the opposite of a salary position, where you can only make so much and not a penny more, no matter how many hours you work. Since you’re an independent contractor, you have considerable control over your annual income. The sky truly is the limit. With reality, you can decide to make as much or as little as you want from year to year. Of course, none of this comes without smart, hard work, but you’ll enjoy the independence this creates.

Be Fulfilled in a Purposeful Profession

Make People’s Dreams Come True

It’s hugely satisfying to help people navigate one of the most significant times in their lives. Seeing someone’s vision come to pass with the purchase of a new home is something that never gets old. Whether you’re assisting a new couple purchasing their first house, or a family buying their ultimate vacation home, real estate agents get the joy of making that dream happen.

Help People Make the Most of Their Money

As a realtor, you’ll become knowledgeable about the value of neighborhoods and certain features within a house. Passing that information along to your clients can save them literally thousands of dollars. You’ll be a trusted guide to help clients know when a home is priced right, too low, or too high. Yo

u’ll advise them so they can invest in the right property, without making a financial decision they’ll later regret.

Help People Understand the Complexities of Real Estate

Real estate transactions can be very complex and difficult for most people to follow. As a realtor, you’ll be able to explain those in-depth, detailed processes so that anyone can understand them. You’ll comprehend how things work between your client and their loan officer, which will help them feel highly aware and equipped to make proper decisions as they purchase and sell properties. As issues arise (and they will), you’ll know how to keep your clients well informed throughout the whole process, until that special day when the keys to their new property are in their eager, excited hands.

Learn More about Becoming a Real Estate Agent Today

As you consider making your move into a real estate career, we would love to help you get the education you need to become an agent. At McGraw Real Estate Academy, we’re committed to helping you find success through great educational tools, friendly educators, and ongoing support.

Are you in Oklahoma? Get started on the path to your new career today with online classes through or partner VanEd! Are you in Arkansas? Choose the path that is right for you with in-person or online education options!

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