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10 Reasons to Start a Career in Real Estate

start career in real estate

Are you looking to do something different in your professional life? Do you have an affinity for architecture and home design? A career in real estate might be exactly what you need.

Working as a real estate agent is a flexible career where your income mirrors your efforts. If you are a goal-oriented, self-motivated, people-focused individual, realty could be a great fit.

Read on to learn more about becoming a REALTOR® and all its rich rewards.

What Makes Real Estate a Great Career Choice

1. Become a High-Earner

One of the beauties of a career in real estate is that your potential income is practically unlimited and completely up to you. Work full-time and earn as much as seven figures, or use real estate as a side hustle and earn thousands.

Just keep in mind that real estate is commission-based, which means you must be successful at sales.

2. Be Your Own Boss

Being a REALTOR® provides independence. You can set your own schedule and create your own personal objectives. It’s great for self-motivated people who want to work for themselves.

Just know that being your own boss is hard work. You’ll need to be organized and diligent because you must keep track of numerous legal documents, daily meetings, tasks associated with multiple property listings, and many other responsibilities associated with working for yourself. But you’ll reap the rewards too.

3. Meet New People Every Day

With a career in real estate, you will meet someone new—likely every day. People from all cultures and walks of life buy and sell homes, which makes realty a great way to connect with a wide variety of individuals. If you enjoy making new friends and serving people you ordinarily would have never even met, becoming a REALTOR® is a perfect opportunity for you.

Of course, real estate work can be a challenge at times because each culture has its own dos and don’ts. But it’s a great way to learn about people too.

4. View Architecture and Home Design

If you love seeing newly renovated properties or beautifully maintained historic homes, a career in real estate is awesome. As a REALTOR®, you’ll have the opportunity to show some of the most beautiful and luxurious houses with gorgeous architectural design in the areas you serve.

Staging houses to show them in their best possible light is a whole industry that lovers of home decor and design absolutely geek out over. You’ll likely even gain great ideas for your own property, inspired by the clients you serve.

5. Train, Train, Train

If you love learning, real estate will be a great career for you. Being effective means mastering the learning curve, as there are many laws, regulations, financial details, and other facts involved in successful real estate transactions.

Training will be a career-long experience. Ongoing learning to increase knowledge and skills of sales techniques, customer service standards, as well as changes in laws and broker policies, is part of the profession. This is a solid fit for those who enjoy continually growing and challenging themselves.

6. There’s No Degree Required

If the idea of borrowing large amounts of money to prepare for your new career sounds like a bad idea, and college isn’t really for you, then becoming a REALTOR® is an appealing option. It only costs a few hundred dollars to take the courses and pay for the real estate license required to start selling real estate.

From there, yes, there are plenty of ways to spend time and resources to support your new business, but a huge collegiate investment is not required to start making money in realty.

7. Set Your Own Schedule

As your own boss, you have the freedom to decide when to work and when you will take time off. This flexibility is one of the most appealing aspects of being a REALTOR®. Your time is yours to control.

This can create an appealing work-life balance. You’ll be able to attend the grandkids’ baseball games, your children’s recitals, convenient gym and yoga times, and so much more.

8. The World Is Your Office

If a typical office job is not your cup of tea, real estate may offer a perfect fit. You won’t have a heavily structured, 9-5 schedule, but you’ll need to be flexible at a moment’s notice.

The plus is that you can conduct business nearly everywhere. You’ll be free to make phone calls from your home office in the morning, meet with clients at a coffee shop mid-morning, negotiate a deal over lunch, and show a house in the evening.

9. Make Lives Better

When a person buys a home, it’s one of the most stressful (and exciting!) times in their life. As a real estate professional, you will be there to answer any question along the way and help them enjoy the process of home buying and selling. And the end result is, if you help them sell their home for top dollar or find the ideal fit for a new home — their lives are better! That’s pretty satisfying at the end of the day.

If showing people you care and delivering top-notch customer service are activities you enjoy, this industry is probably a great fit for you.

10. Be the Expert

If you love sharing what you know with others, a career in realty makes sense. With all the experience required to become a seasoned real estate professional, you’ll be the one that family and friends come to when they need expert advice. Plus, younger REALTORS® will rely on your expertise and experience to lead them in their new careers.

Further Your Real Estate Career with McGraw Real Estate Academy

Becoming a REALTOR® offers so many benefits to new career seekers. If you’re interested in pursuing your real estate license, our detailed, easy-to-use educational tools are a great resource. We offer a variety of courses for new and seasoned real estate professionals, one-on-one training, and more. Check out the McGraw Real Estate Academy and begin your career journey today.

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