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Students may register for a course or courses in person, online or by email. Full tuition payment must be paid before a student can begin the course. No fee will be charged for Continuing Education, Salesperson Post-license, Provisional Sales and Post Broker classes. A receipt for payment is given at the time of payment and a copy will be kept by the school for their records. A copy of a photo ID and or Licensee’s pocket card may be required for registration. McGraw Real Estate Academy will maintain student transcripts for all students completing a course /courses licensed by the Arkansas Real Estate Commission or the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission depending on which class/classes the student desires to register for.


Any student attending any course must sign in each day before class begins and again before class resumes after the lunch break. This may vary for certain classes. If a student is more than 10 minutes late coming back from any breaks the student will be required to make up the full hour that the student was late for before the student can receive full credit and a certificate of completion for the course. Students will be given a certificate of completion at the end of the course as determined by the Real Estate Commission of the state the class was for.  McGraw Real Estate Academy will send a certificate of completion to the Commission the course has been approved for but it is the responsibility of the student to notify the Commission of any and all courses completed. 

Any students attending classes by Zoom meetings must use a device with a camera and audio and must be visible by the instructor at all times, The student may be  from time to time required to enter information or comments in the chat box.  


Each student registering for Salesperson Pre-license class (Arkansas or Oklahoma) must be of good moral character, at least 18 years of age and complete the required classroom hours of the pre-licensing course to receive full credit and a certificate that can then be used as verification that the student has completed the course as required and approved by the Commission of the state that the student desires to be licensed in.

Arkansas Real Estate Commission required 60 hours (sales person)

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission required 90 classroom hours (provisional sales)


Each student registering for the Broker Pre-license must be qualified at the time of taking the course to receive a Broker License should the student complete the required Broker Pre-license course as required and approved by the Commission of the state that the student desires to hold a broker license in and pass the required exam. 

Arkansas Real Estate Commission required 60 classroom hours

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission required 90 classroom hours 


Students registering to take the Salesperson Post-license Course (Arkansas) or Sales Associate course (Oklahoma) must have passed the required exam and have received their license from the Commission of the appropriate state. Proof of licensing will be required at time of application.

Arkansas Real Estate Commission required 18 classroom hours 

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission required 45 classroom hours (must be completed within of year of receiving Provisional Sales License)


Students registering to take the Post License Broker Course must have passed the required exam and received their Broker license from the Arkansas Real Estate Commission. Proof of licensing will be required at time of registration.

Arkansas Real Estate Commission required 30 classroom hours


Arkansas and or Oklahoma require  an active real estate licensee to register for Continuing Education Classes unless the Commission of either state confirms that Continuing Education is required to re-activate the student’s license. Arkansas Real Estate Commission and Oklahoma Real Estate Commission each have minimum requirements for Continuing Education hours.

The Arkansas Real Estate Commission requires 6 hours classroom and 1 hour Safety (each year).

Oklahoma Real Estate Commission required 21 classroom hours per license period (three years). 

McGraw Real Estate Academy recommends the student to confirm with the licensee’s commission for the state of the license  which required classes the student needs before enrollment.


The textbook for the pre-license class will be Modern Real Estate Practice (20th Edition or newer) by  Dearborn Real Estate Education. The student can pick up the textbook from the office or have it mailed to the student if time allows once the book has been purchased by the student.

Handouts and/or notebook with class materials necessary for each class will be provided if such is required. Each student is welcome and encouraged to bring note taking materials for themselves as well as calculators for the Pre-License and Post License Courses. Laptops or tablets may be required for some classes and requested by the instructor at registration. 


Where applicable, full refund can be made if a student cancels within 48 hours of the course begin time. If a student does not cancel within 48 hours of course begin time or does not show up for the course the student forfeits the tuition paid. If a student begins a course and is unable to complete the course the student may enter another course within 6 months after the student drops out of the course. If the student is unable to complete the course the student forfeits the full tuition. In an emergency/crisis situation McGraw Real Estate Academy reserves the right to determine if a situation warrants a refund of any amount on a case by case determination. Refunds do not apply if the student was not charged a fee to take the course. No refunds will be given on the textbook once the student has picked it up or once McGraw Real Estate Academy has placed the book in the US Mail.


McGraw Real Estate Academy does not disclose any personal information about our students without their approval, except as required by law or to report to the Commission.


The McGraw Real Estate Academy instructors have been licensed and or approved through the Arkansas Real Estate Commission and or Oklahoma Real Estate Commission.


No recruiting for employment opportunities for any company, firm, franchise, etc. is allowed by the instructor(s) during the class. If the student encounters any such recruiting the student is encouraged to report it directly to the Principal Instructor. This applies for Arkansas approved classes and Oklahoma approved classes if applicable.


Any form of harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sex, national origin, age or disability will not be tolerated by McGraw Real Estate Academy. Any student conduct that prohibits the instructor from teaching and disrupts other student(s) from learning will be asked to leave the class without any refund(s).


Class size will be determined at the sole discretion of McGraw Real Estate Academy. A maximum class size will be determined for all courses by the facility resources and type of class. Students should pre-register as soon as possible to ensure availability. Students may be put on a waiting list if necessary to see if an opening is made available by another student dropping out.


McGraw Real Estate Academy will not be liable for any lost, stolen or damaged computers, laptops, tablets, phones, backpacks, bags, purses, jackets, personal items, etc. belonging to the students. Each student will be solely responsible for their own personal items.


McGraw Real Estate Academy is handicap accessible and will strive to meet the reasonable accommodations of students requesting a need.


Please dress comfortably and appropriately while attending class. Students are welcome to bring a sweater or jacket if needed. Do not wear anything that will be distracting to or that may embarrass others. McGraw Real Estate Academy wants every student to feel they are learning in a safe, comfortable and professional environment.

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